News /Baptism Service January 2021

Following the example set by no less than Jesus Christ himself, four believers chose to be immersed in the waters of baptism at Novaliches Christian Fellowship on January 31, 2021.

Crizza Mae M. Malijao, Arian Chloe M. Figueroa, Julienne Judy A. Nueva, and Eunice Biglang-awa have decided that it was high time they followed the sacred ordinance.

Indeed, not even the difficulties posed by the pandemic has dissuaded neither the baptism candidates, nor the few members of the congregation who were left attending the worship service in welcoming their brethren with songs and celebration as they descended the baptistery soon after.

Nonetheless, NCF Senior Pastor Rev. Mark Dantes, who officiated the baptism, ensured that the ceremony complied with the community quarantine guidelines, especially on the limits of attendees as well as social distancing at all times.

Baptism by water is one of the two ordinances by the Lord for all believers, the other being the observance of the Last Supper.

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