Healed by God
A Personal Testimony by Sis. Percy Guzman

In 2007, Sis. Percy Guzman was diagnosed to have a goiter. A goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland which can lead to a swelling of the neck or larynx. In her case, it grew into a size of a guava. This condition involuntarily caused her to lose weight.

Let GO and Let GOD...

(My Miscarriage Story)

A Personal Testimony by Dang Fortaleza-Baldonado

After a work meeting las t September 19, I just had an impulse to buy a pregnancy kit and had a test... I was 2 days delayed. When the kit registered 2 lines, I was overjoyed. I called Dada Jay as I held the kit and broke the good news. I thank God for another answered prayer. When I ent ered our office and told an officemate, the joy was just infectious and everybody was just so happy for their Mimi Dang (I'm a Mimi Dang not just to my kids :).

Boyfriend Turned God’s Friend
A Personal Testimony by Bro. Bob Guzman

He is Justy to friends and rela tives but is known as Bob to those who know the late 1970s boy band called The Boyfriends. Bro. Justy Guzman started playing in bands at the age of 16. He was first part of Orly Ilacad andthe Ramrods then of Cinderella with famous songs TL ako Sa’Yo, Boyfriend Kong Baduy and Bato sa Buhangin.

This was the Manila sound era. In 1978, he joined The Boyfriends with an instant first big hit Dahil Mahal Kita. They became like the local version of the Bee Gees with songs Sumayaw Sumunod, Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal and Salawahan to name a few.

With the popularity came the worldly pleasures of vices with peers like drinking, smoking, gambling, womanizing and the likes. De spite the fame, he felt empty inside with no peace of mind. He recounts, “ang buhay ko noon ay parang waste basket na binalutan mo ng magandang gift wrapper.” !

A Personal Testimony by Gigi Dantes

It is 7 p.m. of March 10, 2005. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I cuddled my baby for the first time. Pastor Mark and I decided we’d name him Isaac Joseph, as both namesakes were children of once-barren women in the Bible.

My journey to being a mom now is rather long. Back in 1996 when I had difficulty conceiving, my gynecologist referred me t an endocrinologist who, upon my request, initially tried to balance my hormones for several years. He then suspected that the reason for my infertility was a brain tumor. ..

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