Testimony of Bro. Bob Guzman
Boyfriend Turned God’s Friend
A Personal Testimony by Bob Guzman

He is Justy to friends and rela tives but is known as Bob to those who know the late 1970s boy band called The Boyfriends. Bro. Justy Guzman started playing in bands at the age of 16. He was first part of Orly Ilacad andthe Ramrods then of Cinderella with famous songs TL ako Sa’Yo, Boyfriend Kong Baduy and Bato sa Buhangin.

This was the Manila sound era. In 1978, he joined The Boyfriends with an instant first big hit Dahil Mahal Kita. They became like the local version of the Bee Gees with songs Sumayaw Sumunod, Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal and Salawahan to name a few.

With the popularity came the worldly pleasures of vices with peers like drinking, smoking, gambling, womanizing and the likes. De spite the fame, he felt empty inside with no peace of mind. He recounts, “ang buhay ko noon ay parang waste basket na binalutan mo ng magandang gift wrapper.”

In the middle of the praises and crowd cheer, he was searching for an answer on how to get out of the mess he was in. The Lord used their form er backup drummer to enlighten him. “I told him all about my problemsand he told me to try Jesus. He invited me to attend their Bible Study. Medyo hesitant pa ko. Sabi ko sinubukan ko na lahat, subukan ko kaya ito?”.

He joined the Bible Study in a small garage. “I was warmly welcome, was seated in front and listened to the preaching of the pastor about the love of GOD na kahit na ikaw na ang pinakamakasalanan ay mahal ka pa rin ng Diyos. Handa ka Niyang patawarin at linisin sa iyong mga kasalanan. Babaguhin Niya ang iyong buhay, just surrender to His love. ” As he continued listening, his hardened heart melted.

“I cried, nawala ang pagka-macho ko.” He accepted the invitation of the pastor to go to the front. “I followed the sinner’s prayer. Tears were falling because I felt the forgiveness of God. Parang niyakap Niya ko and there was that real joy and happiness because I found that the real answer was JESUS.

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