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NCF Bible Institute
Novaliches Christian Fellowship

The NCF Bible Institute is part of the realization of the vision of the church to produce, develop and send missionaries, pastors and evangelists, to establish outreaches in local and foreign places.

The NCF Bible Institute came to be when some NCF workers finally decided to respond to God’s calling as pastors. After much prayer, the NCF Bible Institute conducted its first class in July 2005 with a total of 19 students.

The first commencement exercise was held in May of 2007. Pastor Albert Salipot, one of those who earned a Certificate in Pastoral Leadership, now shepherds the flock at NCF Greenfields.

Please note that the Bible Institute is not just for those who want to be pastors. Many take one or two subjects for the sole purpose of deepening their knowledge about God and His Word.

NCF Bible Institute Courses Offered
Certificate in Pastoral Leadership (For Men)

Certificate in Religious Education (For Women)


First Trimester: Basic English, General Theology I, Cults, PersonalEvangelism/Methods of Bible Study,

Second Trimester: Psychology in Christian Work, General Theology II, Hermeneutics, Philippine ChurchHistory,

Third Trimester: Church Music, Biblical Counseling, General Theology 3, Homiletics,


First Trimester: General Theology IV, The Christian Home, Introduction toChristian Education, Old Testament/ NewTestament Survey,

Second Trimester: General Theology V, Israel & the Bible, Worship &Programming, Church Legalities,

Third Trimester: Leadership &Church Administration, Pastoral Theology(For Men), Women in Ministry(For Women), Basic Hebrew &Greek, Apologetics.

Adopt a Student Program of NCF Bible Institute
Novaliches Christian Fellowship

You can adopt a Bible Student and help him reach his dream to be a servant of God!

If you want to sponsor a financially-challenged Bible student, please express your intention by e-mailing Rev. Mark Dantes at ncf_mail@yahoo.com

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