Care Group
Novaliches Christian Fellowship

Are you a fresh believer who wants to know more about the Word of God beyond the pastor’s message? Or perhaps you are a long-time Christian who just wants to be refreshed on Biblical doctrine, history, facts and events? But maybe you are already too old for Sunday School or are not yet ready to commit to full-time studying such as in a Bible Institute?

Beyond feeding on God’s Word during the regular Sunday preaching, NCF also conducts regular morning Bible study sessions from 9-10 AM before the start of the worship service. These are held under several “Care Groups” where the participants can have a deeper understanding of the Bible and Christian doctrine.

Attendees will learn about various Christian doctrines, Bible history and important facts such as the lives of various men and women mentioned in the Word of God. The Care Group lessons are covered in a chronological manner over a long series of lessons, providing much-needed context and a better grasp of the Bible as a whole. This allows for a long period over which the students can learn more about the Bible at a comfortable pace, while also avoiding the typical classroom burnout.

Care Groups are organized such that attendees will be with those who are of the same age, or those who are similarly situated, and will not feel out of place. You may also feel free to ask the Care Group leaders for clarification on matters related to the lesson or even beyond, including facts, issues and controversies, and how God’s Word is applicable to them.

Attending the regular Care Group is highly recommended for believers who are entirely new to the faith, especially those who did not grow under the Sunday School curriculum in their youth. It may also serve as a valuable avenue for long-time Christians to refresh themselves on their knowledge of the Bible and Christian doctrines.

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