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As Novaliches Christian Fellowship pastoral staff and members doubled their efforts to fulfill the Lord’s Great Commission by strengthening its various mission churches in the provinces.

NCF’s mission in Rapu-Rapu, Albay was where Pastors Santi Serapio and Lloyd Garcia spent two weeks in the middle of July to supervise the transfer of its worship center to a newer and better area under the care of Sister Divine Victorio, a long-time NCF member who also hailed from Rapu-Rapu.

Pastor Lloyd reported the mission’s progress to the congregation on July 30, telling them about the enthusiasm of the small but growing community of believers in the Rapu-Rapu mission, especially among the youth.

He was glad to share to the congregation, especially to the members of NCF’s Clayhouse Youth Ministry, that the participants of the Discipling the Islands 3, held from April 17 to 22 at NCF, have been handling much of the worship and other ministries during the service. Pastor Lloyd thus commended the Clayhouse participants who taught their young brethren from Albay that these are the fruits of their labours.

The visit was not without difficulties, with the Pastors having to go back and forth from Manila to Albay, and with Pastor Santi himself having a scheduled operation, but Pastor Lloyd praised God for getting them through these problems.

Even when they initially heard that the owners of the lot where they previously held the worship services was not open to God’s Word, Pastor Lloyd was encouraged by the presence of members of the owner’s family during his preaching in Albay on his second Sunday there.

Meanwhile, Pastor Noni Lazo was also glad to report that NCF was also able to sustain the conduct of worship services in nearby NCF Rainbow Homes in Novaliches, Quezon City. With more members from the area attending both in NCF Main and in the Rainbow Homes fellowship, Pastor Noni told the congregation that they will continue to work for the Lord in the area with NCF’s support and prayers. Praise the Lord!

Pastor Lloyd reported that with Pastor Santi staying more in Rapu-Rapu to supervise the re-establishment of the mission, he said that he and the pastoral staff might have to take over the activities in NCF Borlongan in Aurora Province, where Pastor Santi previously planted another mission church. Pastor Lloyd also encouraged the members of the Clayhouse to one day join them in the evangelism efforts in Albay.

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