Vision Mission
Our Vision
Novaliches Christian Fellowship

To glorify God, we the Novaliches Christian Fellowship, Inc., as a body of Christ, envision ourselves to continuously fellowship in strict adherence to the tenets and principles of the Holy Bible.

We will share in God's work by bringing and raising believers in Christ to boldly proclaim the Gospel.

We will promote unity and understanding with other churches whose beliefs and practices are consistent with the Scriptures.

We will provide Scripture-based solutions to social concerns.

We will produce, develop and send missionaries, pastors and evangelists, to establish outreach churches in local and foreign places.

We will participate in the government’s thrust of nation-building by developing citizens who are God-fearing, morally upright and dutiful.

Novaliches Christian Fellowship

We will educate and equip the Church by vigorously teaching and preaching the Holy Scriptures.

• We will encourage participation of all members in Church activities and projects.

• We will organize cell groups and establish local churches.

• We will actively network with Bible-believing churches and parachurch organizations.

• We will expand social programs in response to emerging needs such ashealth care, community outreach, and the like.

• We will develop and support training and eventually establish centers for mission work.

• We will tap the multimedia as channels for communicating the Gospel.

• We will establish a pre-school education program.

• We will organize and help promote campus ministries. • We will carry out prison and hospital outreaches.

• We will build prayer cells, a music studio, parsonage, library,recreational facilities and other structures within our capability.

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