Magnifying God in Our Colorful Journey – this is the theme of Novaliches Christian Fellowship (NCF) Main as it celebrated its 27th anniversary in service to the Lord this August 2019.

Adopting a painter’s palette for its anniversary logo, NCF devotes its twenty-seventh year acknowledging the might and creativity of God, the ultimate creator and artist. Each Sunday message, as delivered by NCF Senior Pastor Rev. Mark Dantes, focused on appreciating the vibrant journeys God has painted for us, whether at work, school, home, and at the church.

As a testament to NCF’s own colourful history, warm messages were delivered in person by the pastors and members of NCF Main’s daughter and sister churches, namely NCF Greenfields in Quezon City with Pastor Albert Salipot, NCF Rainbow Homes in Caloocan City with Pastor Noni Lazo, Green Valley Baptist Church in Bulacan with Pastor Jonafel Dela Cruz, NCF Aurora with Pastor Santi Serapio, and NCF Rapu-Rapu in Albay with Sister Divine Victorio.

Much like the traditional Filipino celebration, NCF also first and last Sunday celebrations with two sumptuous boodle fights!

Then there’s actually three including the mini-boodle fight hosted by NCF’s very own Clayhouse youth ministry, whose members are starting to go at it on their own, and whose growth in the Lord and increasingly active roles in NCF’s ministries are signs of a brighter future for the congregation.

The Movers, NCF’s dance ministry, also held a special performance. The Movers also continued their tradition of sharing their members’ testimony to the congregation – this time featuring Sister Dana Palting, whose continuous service in various ministries in spite of unseen and lingering doubts is a testament to the grace of God in her life.

Join us on Sundays!